Lista di hardware con tecnologia beacon compatibile con iOS e Android. (Aggiornata al 10 Settembre 2015)

Azienda Immagine Prodotto Prezzo Recensione Kontakt.io Beacon-contact Bluetooth Beacon 3 beacon a 81$ (73€) Beacon-Contakt-Cloud Cloud Beacon 1 beacon a 79$ (71€) Kontakt tough beacon Tough Beacon 3 beacon a 99$ (89€) Estimote Beacon-Estimote Estimote Beacons 3 beacon a 99$ (89€) Estimote sticker Estimote Sticker 10 beacon a 99$ (89€) Banner made in italy BlueUp BlueupMini BlueUp Mini 3 beacon a 69€ Leggi BlueUp Maxi BlueUp Maxi 3 beacon a 75€ Leggi Banner made in italy iBlio iBliouribeacon iBlio Uribeacon 5315 1 beacon a 35€ Leggi iBlioibeacon iBlio iBeacon 5315 1 beacon a 35€ Leggi Gimbal Proximity Serie 10 1 beacon a 5$ (4.50€) Beacon-Gimbals-L Proximity Series 21 1 beacon a 30$ (27.5€) Roximity iBeacon iBeacon-Roximity Model X 3 beacon a 100$ Roximity model O Model 0 10 beacon a 120$ (108€) Redbear Beacon-RedBear Beacon B1 2 beacon a 22$ KSTechnologies Beacon-KSTechnology Particole 2 beacon a 22$ ion_front_logo Ion - Beacon e Uribeacon 1 beacon a 35$ (31€) Aero Aero Dragonfly Dragonfly 2.0 1 beacon a 29.99$ (27€) Beacon-Todhq Tod Smart Beacon (Dragonfly 1.0) 1 beacon a 19.99$ (18€) Accent System IBKS serie 105 Beacon s105 3 beacon a 49.99€ IBKS USB Beacon USB 3 beacon a 59.99€ iBKS serie 102 Beacon s102 10 beacon a 129.99€ Onyx Beacon Beacon-Onix Beacon ONE 3 beacon a 59€ Leggi Beacon Enterprise 3 beacon a 75€ Leggi Reco Beacon-Reco Reco Beacon 3 beacon a 57$ (51€) Reco Manager Reco Manager 1 beacon a 79$ Glimworm Beacon Beacon-Glimworm Glimworm Beacon 4 beacon a 99$ PassKit Beacon-PassKitGem GemTots 1 beacon a 25$ (23€) StickNFind Stick&find beacon StickNFind 2 pacchi a 49.99$ (45€)

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